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Environmental Management System

The ISO14000 is a standard for environmental managementsystems that is applicable to any business, regardless of size, location or income. The aim of the standard is to reduce the environmental footprint of a business and to decrease the pollution and waste a business produces.

The ISO 14000 environmental management standards exist to help organizations minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment. In structure it is similar to ISO 9000 quality managementand both can be implemented side by side. In order for an organization to be awarded an ISO 14001 certificate they must be externally audited by an audit body that has been accredited by an accreditation body.

  •  ISO 14001 Environmental management systems—Requirements with guidance for use

  • ISO 14004 Environmental management systems—General guidelines on principles, systems and support techniques

  • ISO 14015 Environmental assessment of sites and organizations

  • ISO 14020 series (14020 to 14025) Environmental labels and declarations

  • ISO 14031Environmental performance evaluation—Guidelines

  • ISO 14040 series (14040 to 14049), Life Cycle Assessment, LCA, discusses pre-production planning and environment goal setting.

  • ISO 14050 terms and definitions.

  • ISO 14062 discusses making improvements to environmental impact goals.

  • ISO 14063 Environmental communication—Guidelines and examples


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