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Mission (Manifest of company mission):

Samane Keifiat Sharq explains its own mission in form of needed activities to reach the following goals:

1- Great and directional studies in optimizing and improving the function of industrial plants and organizations.

2- Consulting and training in order to increase efficiency and utilization of industrial units and organizations with applying novel management systems.

3- Reducing economical and time wastages of organizations through recognizing “SWOT” points (comprising: strength, weakness, opportunity and threat).

4- Reducing quality costs (being imposed on industrial units and organization) through performing and settling quality management systems.

These services enable our customers to minimize their organization impressibility (under variant and rough environment conditions) through reaching a safe and stable situation. Accordingly, achieving secrets of services and products quality enhancement, they can sure avouch their future organization stability and profitability.

Samane Keifiat Sharq recognizes all private and public sectors, manufacturing, servicing, industrial units and also whole of their customers as its own customers.


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